Weekly Poker

Bounty Rules

The Seatoun Poker Club run a No Limit Hold’em tournament every Wednesday.

Start time 7:40pm. $25 entry fee for 5000 chips plus one bounty chip.

Blind Schedule
7:40pm 25/50 9:40pm BREAK
8:00pm 50/100 9:50pm 250/500
8:20pm 75/150 10:10pm 300/600
8:40pm 100/200 10:30pm 500/1000
9:00pm 150/300 10:50pm 1000/2000
9:20pm 200/400 11:10pm 2000/4000

Rebuys of $25 for 5000 chips plus one bounty chip may be purchased once the player busts and at any time before the break. Maximum of 2 rebuys.

Addons of $20 for 5000 chips may be purchased during the break if a player has not used all of their rebuys. For example, if a player has had a single rebuy then they can optionally purchase a single addon. Maximum of 2 addons. Addons do not receive a bounty chip.

Payouts (not including bounties)

If total revenue not including bounties is below $700
10% for the SBC
35% for 2nd Place
55% for 1st Place

If total revenue not including bounties is $700 or above
10% for the SBC
15% for 3rd Place
30% for 2nd Place
45% for 1st Place

Bounty payouts

In a classic bounty tournament, part of your buy-in makes up the bounty on your head. Any player who can take you out of the game gets the bounty. If you are the overall winner, then your own bounty (or bounties) is added to your winnings at the end.

If a player busts then they hand over a single bounty chip to the player who has bust them.
If the pot is chopped then the winning player with the most chips gets the bounty.
If a player busts but is involved in a side pot then the winning player involved in the side pot gets their single bounty.
A player may receive multiple bounty chips if they bust several players in one hand. Again one bounty per busted player only.

Bounties can be cashed in whenever the player has finished their tournament play. A single bounty chip is worth $5.

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